Top wastewater recovery system AQUA FELIX was developed during our long time experiences in wastewater recovery. AQUA FELIX is not an unit or equipment – it is a new concept for best understanding most eficient way of customerĀ“s wastewater recovery. The main target is not only clean, but full recovery of wastewater for circular repeatable using. This is not only enviromental, but economical benefit. in comparation with wastewater treatment costs.

AQUA FELIX – summary of knowledge + equipment.

RENEM s.r.o. researching, deeveloping and delivering units and s&stems for full waste recovery or minimal waste. Big savings of enfiroment and economy will achieved.

For standard applications we are offering ready to use solutions from FORMECO Italy. For atypical requirements we are able to research, develop and turn kezy delivery of individual solutions.

 leader in solvent recycling and wastewater recovery.

Doiuble stage vacuum evaporator FORMECO
HEat pump powered vacuum evaporator